Zanzibar Law Society

ZANZIBAR LAW SOCIETY is a non-profit organisation registered by the Register of Society as per the Societies Act No 6 of 1995 with registration number 89 in the year 1999.


Zanzibar Law Society shall be recognised as a strong forward-thinking organisation providing leadership in defining, through words and deeds, the role of law and lawyers in society. It shall have a growing number of members who will play an increasingly important role in the delivery of legal and public services.


ZLS exists in order to represent, advance and defend the interest of the legal profession as well as the interest of the public.

Organizational Objectives:

The objective of the society is to maintain the honour and dignity of the professional of law, to promote the observance of the rule of law and independent administration of justice and the judiciary and the bar, to promote the administration of justice, to establish and maintain relations and exchanges between the members of the bar and to co-operate with or join wit a similar organisation of similar objectives, national or international.