Past Events

  • The Young Lawyers Conference, 2017

    This very successful conference was held on 15th November 2018 at the Imperial Golf View Hotel in Entebbe Uganda. It was attended by more than 400 delegates from across the region and was themed'Good Governance in an Integrated East African Community: The Role of Young Lawyers' Among the key speakers were Justice Fredrick EgondaNtende, Judge of the Court of Appeal of Uganda and former Chief Justice of Seychelles; Mr. MohamdNyaoga, Senior Partner, Mohamed Muigai Advocates and Board Chairman, Central Bank of Kenya; Mr. Maurice Makoloo, Regional Director, Ford Foundation; Mr. Donald Deya, CEO, Pan African Lawyers Union; Ms. Irene OvonjiOdida, CEO, FIDA Uganda; Mr. Andrews Kananga, Executive Director, Legal Aid Forum, Rwanda; Anthony Njogu, Partner, Bowmans Kenya; Ms. HarrietteChiggai, Head of Legal ICPAK; Mr. ChachaOdera, Managing Partner, Oraro& Co. Advocates; Mr. Godwin Ngwilimi, Vice President, TLS; Ms. Sarah Richson, CEO, RichemelleInternational Consultants; Mr. Brian Kaggwa, Senior Parner, Impala Legal Advocates and Consultants; Mr. Kenneth Muhangi, Managing Partner, Signum Advocates and Ms. Tendo Anne, Mentorship Consultant. Key topics covered at the conference in line with the theme were:
  • (i) The East African Community as a Facet for Regional Development: The Role of Young Lawyerspresentedby Justice Fredrick EgondaNtende. Download paper presentation here
  • (ii) The Role of Young Professionals in Advancing Good Governance in an Integrated East African Community.Presented by Mr. Maurice Makoloo Download paper presentation here
  • (iii) Defending Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Challenges and Opportunities for Young Lawyers. Presented by Mr. Donald Deya. Download paper presentation here
  • (iv) Gender Inclusivity in Leadership: The Role of Young East African Lawyers. Presented by Ms. Irene OvonjiOdida Download paper presentation here
  • (v) Leveraging on Legal Aid and Strategic Litigation Instruments for Advancement of Public Good in East Africa.Presented by Mr. Andrews Kananga. Download paper presentation here
  • (vi) Emerging Challenges to the Rule of Law and Good Governance: Focus on Tanzania. Presented by Mr. Godwin Ngwilimi. Download paper presentation here
  • (vii) Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance (Interactive Dialogue) (Donald Deya, Maurice Makoloo, Irene OvonjiOdida, Andrews Kananga & Godwin Ngwilimi)
  • (viii) Packging Yourself for Professional Opportunities: A Conversation with Young Lawyers. Presented by Ms. Sarah Richson Download paper presentation here
  • (ix) Professional Ethics: The Dilemma of Young Lawyers. Presented by Mr. Anthony Njogu.
  • Download paper presentation here
  • (x) Innovation and ICT: The Future of Business in the Legal Profession (Panel Discussion)- Mr. ChachaOdera, Mr. Kenneth Muhangi and Ms. Sarah Mhamilawa
  • (xi) Complex Transactions and Other Emerging Areas of Legal Practice: Do Young Lawyers Have a Chance (Panel Discussion)- Mr. Mohamed Nyaoga, Mr. Brian Kaggwa and Mr. Andrew Oluka
  • The whole day conference was capped by an entertainment filled dinner where young lawyers had an opportunity to meet and network with their senior colleagues and mentors in the profession. It is during this dinner that the New Look EALS Magazine'East African Lawyer'was officially launched. Winners of the inaugural Essay competition were also feted during the interactive dinner. The Young Lawyers Conference, 2017

    The inaugural Young Lawyers Conference was held on the 24th of November 2016 at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The event brought together young lawyers from East Africa and was a successful networking and mentorship event.

    The Inaugural East Africa Law Society Young Lawyers Essay Competition

    Following the success of the inaugural East Africa Law Society Young Lawyers Conference held in Dar es Salaam on 24th November, 2016 the East Africa Law Society Young Lawyers Committee (EAYLC) sought to reinvigorate subsequent Young Lawyers Conferences by making them more participatory through innovative ways. One such way is the Young Lawyers Conference Best Essay Prize Competition (the Essay Competition).

    The purpose of the Essay Competition is to foster intellectual exchange of knowledge on legal issues affecting the East African region in addition to strengthening and revolutionizing the East African Law Society. For the 2017 edition, the Essay Committee selected two optional topics. One on the opportunities and challenges posed by the East African Community Cross Border Legal Practice Bill 2014 and the other on the merits and demerits of the proposal for non-payment of EALS membership fees and the implication of the proposal to the participants'respective bar associations. The key benefits for winners of the competition includefree air travel costs, 2 (two) nights on full board accommodation and conference fee waiver for participation in the East African Young Lawyers Conference (EAYLC). As a dealmaker, the top essays are also published on both the EALS website and blog.

    The Essay Committee received many brilliant essays which went thorough evaluation and analysis. In the end, Geoffrey Kakuru, Musiimire Amanda Leah and Pius Ntazinda all from Rwanda emerged tops! With the great interest shown in the inaugural edition including from law students in various campuses across the EALS member countries; the Essay Committee encourages young lawyers to keep their ears etched to the ground for next year’s essay competition so as not to be left behind in this exhilarating journey!

    Download the winning essays here