Membership to EALS guarantees unlimited access to a huge regional and international network of contacts, a unique learning opportunity, and the chance to actively participate in discussions pertaining to development of regional and international legal practice.

EALS has four categories of membership

  • Bar Association Membership: The six National Bar Associations of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar are already members of EALS and procedures are underway for South Sudan to join.
  • Legal Professionals and Jurists Membership:EALS currently has more than 17,000 individual members who are practicing in different jurisdictions across East Africa.
  • Affiliate Membership: EALS has affiliate members drawn fromlegal professionals and legally affiliated organisations and firms both within and beyond East Africa.
  • Honorary Membership: : EALS periodically recognises members who have rendered distinguished service to the Public, Company or the law in East Africa and those who are able to assist the Company in achieving its objectives with honorary membership..