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East Africa Law Society CLE

26 July.2012 - Fri 27.07.2012
Nairobi, Kenya
Contact person:
Humphrey Joshep Mtuy. Esq.  E-Mail
+255 754-444774/ +255 789-444774

Additional Information

The East Africa Law Society (EALS) is the umbrella regional organization of the national bar associations within East Africa, being: Kigali Bar Association, Burundi Bar Association, Tanganyika Law Society, Law Society of Kenya, Zanzibar Law Society and the Uganda Law Society. Registered in Tanzania in 1995, the EALS works to promote legal professionalism, human rights, good governance and rule of law within East Africa and also enjoys formal Observer Status with the East African Community and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights.


Under its professional development thematic focus, the EALS is building the knowledge and capacity of the legal profession across East Africa on regional integration issues through a number of mechanisms such as Continuing Legal Education professional trainings, research and documentation, as well as publication and dissemination of the monthly electronic newsletter  and the quarterly East Africa Lawyer Magazine among others.


It is in this vein that the East Africa Law Society (EALS) together with the national bar associations has organized six National level CLE training seminars themed EAC Regional Integration process; Where are the young Lawyers?” that will specifically target the young lawyers within the national jurisdictions. The trainings have been informed by the fact that most of the conventional capacity building interventions appear to have by-passed this emerging and critical demographic and professional trend; in spite of the fact that they will ultimately be key in smoothing the progress of the EAC regional integration process.   This has resulted in their limited knowledge of the EAC structures and processes amongst the young lawyers, and hampered their active engagement in the integration process. 


I.                   Objectives of the training

          i.            To enhance the knowledge and capacity of young lawyers on the EAC regional Integration process.

        ii.            To build a critical mass of young lawyers actively engaged in the EAC integration process.

     iii.            To understand and document the training needs of young lawyers to inform relevant EALS interventions.

II.                Participants and Facilitators


The trainings will target legal practitioners of five or less years of practice in their respective jurisdictions. The participants shall be selected in partnership with the National Bar Associations (Young Lawyers Committees), and shall ideally be sixty persons per training. [1]


It shall be a rich array of facilitators drawn from the EAC secretariat, the East African Legislative Assembly, the East African Court of Justice, the National Ministries in charge of EAC Affairs, The East Africa Law Society, seasoned and accomplished legal practitioners and experts on  the subject matter, as well guest presentations by the National Young lawyers Committees where applicable.


III.             Dates and Venue:


  1. The Kigali Bar Association in Kigali on 21st and 22nd June
  2. The Burundi Bar Association  in Bujumbura on 25th and 26th June
  3. The Uganda Law Society in Kampala on 28th and 29th June
  4. The Law Society of Kenya in Nairobi on 26th and 27th July
  5. The Zanzibar Law Society in Zanzibar on 27th and 28th August
  6. The Tanganyika Law Society in Dar es salaam on 30th and 31st August


IV.                   Costs for participation.


The EALS shall meet all the costs for training materials, facilitators and meals/ refreshment for all the trainings.


V.                CLE Accreditation


The EALS shall work with National Bar Association CLE Committees to accredit the training


VI.             Important Contacts.


Mr. Humphrey J. Mtuy, EALS Program Assistant – Public Interest Advocacy & Regional Integration, Email: hjmtuy@ealawsociety.org, Cell: +255 754-444774/ +255 789-444774


[1] . Thirty Male and thirty female lawyers.