Key Milestones

EALS has realized a number of key milestones in the past few years. Some of these are documented below

  • On the ground credibility  within the 5 EAC partner states: with lawyers, governments, civil society and ordinary citizens; that assures the EALS audience from all key stakeholders at both regional and national level.
  • Robust financial  support base from its ever growing annual membership subscription, that guarantee the continuity of any project intervention upon cessation of third party technical and financial support.
  • Formal EAC observer status and unparalleled competence on EAC law, including litigation at the East African Court of Justice and formulating draft legislation for the consideration of the East African Legislative Assembly.
  • A well established and credible network of national level partners, that ensures the filtration and ownership of all EALS interventions by national level actors.
  • A robust and strong professional resource base from amongst its diverse membership, guaranteed to contextually enrich the quality of the society's programs & interventions.
  • Strong continental linkages and networks with various institutions including the coalition for an Effective African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (CEAC), SADC Lawyers' Association and the West African Bar Association.