The East Africa Law Society Young Lawyers Forum is an arm of EALS dedicated to providing a unique set of regional opportunities and services to young legal professionals in the region. Young lawyers that fall into this category and are therefore eligible to enjoy its benefits are those that are 35 years and below as well as those with less than three years of active legal practice in their respective bar associations. As long as one meets these qualifications, then membership to the EALS Young Lawyers Forum is automatic. Members of the EALS YLF enjoy among others, discounted membership services, get an opportunity to participate in the Society's governance, get discounted continuous legal education training opportunities, get opportunities to network and build professional linkages as well as the opportunity to offer their skills and knowledge for the service of the profession and the public.

Projects initiated under the Young Lawyers Forum are geared towards:

  • Building the next generation of lawyers who will take up leadership roles in governance and policy making in the region.
  • Continuously developing East Africa's legal talent through continuous legal education and training for competitive advantage.
  • Creating an avenue for East African Lawyers to network and build diverse linkages and relationships for their career advancement.
  • reating a regional think tank for adoption of innovative ways and use technology in legal practice in keeping up with global trends.

    The current EALS YLF Committee headed by Ms. HarrietteChiggai is the governing body of this Forum and has representatives from all the six bar associations across East Africa.